1. Background

Westchester Export Capital, LLC (WEC) is an import and export financer providing support in the form of guarantees or prepayments for the “Irrevocable Letter of Credit (LC)” for international economic contracts. WEC's goal in recent years has been to expand its market to other countries, including Vietnam.

With the expectation of approaching and connecting with Vietnamese businesses to introduce their companies and products, expand business scope for the Vietnamese market, 3OS Company has successfully led the seminar "Brand Promotion Seminar for Entering into Vietnam Markets" hosted by WEC in collaboration with SJ Autotrade LLC, Global Motor Trade International LLC, and Bestsky INC.

In the context that importers in Vietnam are likely to face difficulties such as the exporters do not accept to apply LC payment method; the enterprise does not provide financial guarantees for the performance of the LC at the request of the exporter; or when the exporter does not want to take risk due to the LC of the enterprise's bank, this seminar will be able to offer useful and effective solutions in consultation with WEC and its partners.

2. Main Event

The seminar was held on December 11th, 2019 at the Caravelle Hotel - Ho Chi Minh City in a luxurious space. Attending the seminar were speakers and more than 40 representatives from many businesses in Vietnam.

In addition, the presence of Ms. Do Thi Minh Tram - Deputy Director of the local Industry Department, Ministry of Industry and Trade also made the event more meaningful.

During the seminar, WEC had the opportunity to introduce themselves and their products to Vietnamese enterprises. The seminar went sucessfully with the attention and comments from Vietnamese import businesses.

After the success of the workshop, recognizing the potential of cooperating with some Vietnamese enterprises, WEC has connected with them to be able to discuss the possibility of future cooperation.