Marketing plays an important role in the enterprises development process, which help a company identify potential products for its market and a suitable promotion in order to differentiate them from any similar products. Recognizing that importance role of marketing,

3OS delivers practical plans to customers that help businesses transform their business, identify new source of growth in their market, optimize their capabilities, etc.

Our customized offerings include:

  • Marketing strategy consultancy

  • Marketing activities (online, offline, marketing campaign, digital marketing)

  • Events Organization: Seminar, Exhibition, Workshop, Conference, Business Matching, Gala Dinner, and Promotion events


  • Help businesses understand their position in the market, the status of their own operating apparatus, as well as learn to address the problems in the marketing process.

  • Develop businesses frameworks as the platform for marketing strategy development.

  • Narrow down the approached core targets and arrange a meeting with such target businesses.         

  • Develop the brand, strengthen the business brand in the market through online and offline promotion.

  • Introduce your business to potential partners based on your needs through certain events.