When operating in an international market, in the first place, you need to understand and to be compliant with all rules and regulations not only in your domestic market but also in the market where you operate. However, interpreting any provisions and ensuring any compliant processes can be incredibly difficult to complete. With our vast experience of handling a couple of cases bringing products to new markets and a thorough understanding of each step of the trade and customs procedures, 3OS work shoulder to shoulder with you in each step of implementation and completion of those procedures. We will help you answer the questions about what to do and how to get there.

How we can help:

  • Review processes, ensure and optimize compliant trade management.

  • Packaging and labeling for export

  • Market and product sourcing

  • Trade samples export plan and Mass distribution


  • Identify and assess all key priorities, risks, and procedures related to trading process.

  • Obtain all necessary related certificate and documents for export customs clearance such as product certification, common export documents, transportation documents, export compliance documents, certificates of origin, other export-related documents, and temporary shipment documents, etc.

  • Increase your trade performance, perfect your product, improve your business capacities to successfully enter into other markets.

  • Optimize your trading management and keep costs and time for your business as well as reduce risk to a minimum.

  • Take essential and effective steps toward mass distribution.